Coppinger Exhibits, Inc.

Coppinger Exhibits is incorporated and doing business in a 25,000 square foot facility. The goal is to create an exhibit company 
that blends creativity, functional design, and customer care with people who take pride in their work and reputation.

Outgrowing the original facility, a move to the north east side of Indianapolis provided room to expand into a more modern facility 
and make room for additional skilled personnel.

The rapidly expanding number of customers created a need for additional square footage and more sophisticated equipment.

During the downturn in the economy Coppinger Exhibits operates in a economically strong fashion adding customers 
and infrastructure.

Coppinger Exhibits, a full-service, custom exhibit company and IGNITION, a global, creative multi-channel management agency, 
formed a strategic alliance that optimizes the capabilities of each organization to provide an enhanced service offering to their 
respective clients.


Coppinger Exhibits Inc.

Coppinger Exhibits

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Address: 9955 Westpoint Dr. Suite 150 Indianapolis, 46256

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