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Coppinger Exhibits recognizes our responsibility to the environment. While the only true green display is no display at all, there are several ways of reducing the environmental impact. We actively share environmentally friendly solutions with our clients and attempt to source materials and components that are produced using recycled materials including aluminum, fabric, and cardboard. LED lights are another example of energy efficiency. The current trend in the exhibit industry is modular, reconfigurable exhibits and solutions that are designed and fabricated to be used multiple times. Coppinger Exhibits supports these initiatives and strives to work both internally and with our vendors to produce exhibits that will travel economically, while providing our clients with unique creative displays that support their brand(s). One of our key extrusion vendors (Nimlok) has implemented a recycling program designed to keep old exhibits out of landfills. At the end of an exhibit’s life the end user is invited to return it to Nimlok to be sorted and recycled at no additional cost. Coppinger Exhibits has eliminated the use of solvent based printing in our graphic production process in favor of water based inks. In conjunction with our suppliers, we recycle our printing cartridges to further help in this area. Environmental responsibility means to continually assess our business and the materials we use in an effort to minimize our environmental footprint. Coppinger Exhibits is committed to look for new ways we can improve and to work with vendors that support these same values.

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